Loss Profiling & Assignment Dispatch

Mitchell WorkCenter

Our Mitchell WorkCenter solution provides loss profiling, Mobile First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and assignment dispatch capabilities that streamline claims handling and make it simpler for policyholders to report accident details.

Collect Claims Information Faster & More Efficiently

Mitchell WorkCenter allows you to customize loss profiling questions. This helps meet your business objectives and ensure that you’re asking the right information and, ultimately, recommending the right method of inspection. Our loss profiling technology leverages Mitchell’s Best Practice Questionnaire, predicting with more than 92% accuracy if the vehicle is a total loss.

Mitchell can also help you streamline policyholder loss reporting with:

Mobile First Notice of Loss

Allow consumers to start the claims process on their mobile device, anywhere and anytime. They can quickly report the facts of the loss, capture and share images, view outcomes like vehicle repairability, and determine the best method of inspection.

Integrated First Notice of Loss

For even greater customer convenience, integrate our Mobile First Notice of Loss functionality into your native mobile application. This creates a seamless experience for policyholders and allows you to apply your own branding and question configuration.

Organize Task Assignments & Dispatch in Less Time

Mitchell WorkCenter Dispatch lets you automate the workload management of field and virtual resources.

  • Visualize workloads to track productivity.
  • Qualify and match resources with the claims that fit best.
  • Accommodate appraisal, review and re-inspection workflows based on resource territories and expertise.

Use the pre-configured criteria in our assignment dispatch solution to organize tasks and resources. Then let your dispatchers schedule and map the most efficient routes based on open assignments, available appraisers and designated business constraints.